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Registration Opens January 1, 2016

Please come back and visit our website at the end of December 2015 to see all the details for our 2016 ride.


It is with great pride and honor that Sunday, May 17, 2015 was declared Santa Fe Century Day by both the mayor of the City of Santa Fe and the governor of the State of New Mexico.

Congratulations to all the riders who participated in this year's Santa Fe Century and a big Thank You to the 130 volunteers who supported the ride and made it possible.

The weekend began with unseasonal rain, snow and hail! Thankfully Sunday started with clear skies, but chilly temperatures. The 100 mile riders launched at 7:00am with 41 degrees. Slightly stronger headwinds made the ride more challenging. The day gradually warmed up to a high of 65 degrees and made it lovely to sit outside in the Celebration Corral to enjoy a meal from Cowgirl BBQ and drinks from Santa Fe Brewing Company.

Rider pictures are available from Sundance Images.

We welcomed 2650 registered riders:
45% rode the Century
42% rode the Half-Century
6% rode the 20 Mile Ride
5% raced in the Gran Fondo
2% raced in the Medio Fondo

Riders of all ages and abilities joined in the fun:
Youngest: 7
Oldest: 87
Median age: 54

63% men
37% women

Riders came from 35 US States, of which the top five were New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Arizona and California! In addition to riders from the US, we had riders from Canada, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The top 3 Women Medio Fondo finishers were:
Brigitte Reid with 2:39:44.6
Thayla Sullivan with 2:45:26.4
Christa Castro with 3:07:03.1

The top 3 Men Medio Fondo finishers were:
Michael McCalla with 2:00:56.7
Matt Charles with 2:04:08.9
Robert Romero with 2:19.43.4

The top 3 Women Gran Fondo finishers were:
Christie Cadwell 5:12:27.5
Susan Minerz 5:33:03.7
Kathy Alvarez 5:41:42.0

The top 3 Men Gran Fondo finishers were:
Cameron Brenneman with 4:24:31.1
Fortunado Ferrara with 4:28:36.8
Marcel Berger with 4:28:37.6

Click here to see all the Medio Fondo and Gran Fondo race results.

Thank you to the 130 volunteers that made the ride possible. Your hard work, enthusiasm and energy are much appreciated. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Bicycle New Mexico

Miles of history pass under your wheels as you bicycle down the ancient Turquoise Trail through the old mining towns of Madrid and Golden, across the mineral rich Ortiz and San Pedro Mountains, across the Estancia Valley through the villages of Cedar Grove and Stanley and on to the very old village of Galisteo, and back into scenic Santa Fe.

The Santa Fe Century is the first major cycling event in the spring in the Southwest. The weather in May is moderate and provides an opportunity to shed the winter gear for some wonderful springtime riding in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The mission of the Santa Fe Century is to get people interested in cycling and to have fun doing it! Our ride is 100% volunteer led and organized. We welcome riders of all ages and abilities.

Check Out Our Ride Videos

Galisteo Basin Descent - Santa Fe Century
Madrid - Santa Fe Century
 Golden - Santa Fe Century
Garden of the Gods - Santa Fe Century

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