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About the 20 Mile ride

This ride is great for cyclists of easy to moderate ability. If you have done some 10-25 mile rides, this is your choice.

Finishers in every category will receive a commemorative finisher’s medal, earn yours in 2024!

The Route

From the Railyard, City of Santa Fe Police will guide riders out of town in a mass start style at 8am, riders will go behind Half and Medio Fondo group with a pilot car out of town heading east on Paseo de Peralta then turning right onto Old Santa Fe Trail. From Old Santa Fe Trail the route makes its way to Old Pecos then turning left to Old Las Vegas HWY.  Riders will head South on Old Las Vegas HWY for 8 miles before getting to  the last food stop is in the Cafe Fina parking lot at the intersection of HWY 285 and Old Las Vegas HWY.

The Finish

From HWY 285, riders will head North on Old Las Vegas Hwy and turn right on Old Pecos Trail at the traffic light and then make another right a mile later to stay on Old Pecos Trail. Old Pecos Trail will bring riders into town (eventually turning into Old Santa Fe Trail) where it intersects with Paseo de Peralta. When riders turn left onto Paseo de Peralta they may use the entire right lane, which will be closed to cars all the way into the Railyard before turning right onto the finishing straight Chili Line Lane.

Free parking is available 0.7 miles from the start/finish line at the Joseph M. Montoya and Harold L. Runnels buildings parking lot. The parking lot is located between Cordova Rd. and Alta Vista St. near the South Capital Railrunner station. There is also street parking and a parking garage in the Railyard.

Start Time
The 20 Mile ride  have the option to launch in a group or by themselves. 20 Mile riders are encouraged to start at 9:00am.

Gear and Equipment
Each rider needs a multiple gear bike with a low gear for hill climbing in good mechanical condition. A bicycle tune up prior to the event is highly recommended.

Helmets meeting CPSC standards are mandatory. In addition, each cyclist must carry a spare tube, a patch kit, pump or CO2 cartridges and basic tools. This ride is heavily supported with six Food/Hydration Stops. However, each rider should carry extra water.

Course Time
The average moderate rider should allow 1-3 hours to complete the course. The biggest challenge for the 20 mile rider will be Old Las Vegas HWY in a hilly but easy climbs.

Food Stops There is one food stop with snacks, energy drinks, water and more:
Cafe Fina – 10 miles

Registration Fee 
August – November – $25
December – January – $30
February – May -$35
Onsite registration May 17th – 19th – $40

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